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The ANK CONSULTING GROUP offers a wide range of products, internationally and nationally, with global competence and local commitment.

For more than 25 years, we have supported individuals and organizations in business as well as in the “Not for profit” and education sector, to achieve sustained success.

At the same time, we are committed to fostering mutual understanding and tolerance – across national, social, cultural, religious, gender and age-related boundaries.


Dr. Adalbert N. Kather
Dr. Adalbert N. KatherChairman, Business Consultant & Executive Coach
Actively seeking unity in diversity and exercising openness, tolerance as well as respect for each other is the foundation for peace in our multicultural, multifaceted world.
Christopher Kather
Christopher KatherOperations Manager & Teacher/Technical Trainer
Change happens when ordinary people do extraordinary things.
Tim Brüning
Tim BrüningLecturer. Speaker. Personal Coach. Examiner. Visual communicator
Only those who are deeply passionate about something themselves can ignite a fire in others.
Manuela Kühnle
Manuela KühnleTeacher and Coordinator
Language and culture are the key to a fulfilling life, both professionally and personally, as communication can unite us, and together we can always achieve more than individually.