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ANK Healthcare Recruitment & Language Training Services

There is a continuously increasing demand for well-qualified skilled personnel in the healthcare sector, due to the demographic development and a growing health awareness in today’s society.

At the same time, the job requirements in hospitals are rising, as well as in care homes, in outpatient care and in other healthcare institutions. Therefore, the necessity for ensuring needs-oriented staffing, both for academic and non- academic positions in the healthcare sector, is becoming more and more vital.

In addition to the mere functional capabilities, it is very important to ensure that especially foreign skilled personnel possess sufficient language proficiency, and that – in general – specifically caring for basic human needs is taken into account as it is of vital importance to a successful healing process.

ANK Healthcare Recruitment & Language Training Services

As part of our “ANK Healthcare Recruitment & Language Training Services” and based on many years of experience, we offer professional support in the following areas:

  • Utilising the resources for skilled personnel (medical doctors, nursing staff, etc.) in the healthcare sector both nationally and abroad.
  • Winning highly motivated candidates for professional training and apprenticeship programmes.
  • Providing language training for the different target groups, depending on the specific needs.
  • Ensuring success and sustainability in all relevant processes.