Business and management consulting for clients
in Germany and abroad

Broadly diversified portfolio from recruitment services to executive coaching

International Human Resources & Change Management Consultancy. Utilise the full potential of your company – with the consulting company ANK CONSULTING GROUP.

We support you with holistic and individual solutions, such as:

  • Coaching of executives

  • Recruitment assistance

  • Reorientation of specialists and executives / outplacement coaching

  • Consulting in economic difficulties

  • Reverse coaching: cross-generational coaching, assistance in the digitalization of companies by involving the younger generation to help

  • Business succession offers: Family succession planning in medium-sized companies – takeover of companies

  • Providing of interim management solutions: Temporary loss of executives, approaching interim applicants

  • Team building: finding roles in a team, professional interaction with each other

  • Due diligence: analysis and assessment

  • Coaching and development

  • Human resources: recruitment service, interim management

  • Options / outplacement

What distinguishes us?

Our vision
We want to meet the individual requirements of our clients at the highest possible level of business excellencelocally, nationally and internationally – based on our shared commitment to adhering to certain principles and values, as well as our own commitment to learning and innovation.

Our promise
The ANK CONSULTING GROUP promises to act ethically to a high degree at all times, to respect the dignity of the individual, to be open towards others and to develop a common understanding, to act on the basis of integrity, reliability, sincerity and trustworthiness, and to proceed with wisdom, determination and confidence.

Our focus

  • People are the focus of all activities

  • Multicultural interaction (co-existence)

  • Change processes seen as opportunity and necessity

Our approach

  • Tailor-made

  • Flexible

ANK CONSULTING - Unternehmensberatung für Klienten in Deutschland und im Ausland

What services do we offer in the area of corporate consulting and corporate coaching?

Recruitment Service

We offer our clients solid and professional recruitment solutions. Some of our core strengths include the following factors:


  • a deep understanding of leadership style, management requirements and challenges of change within our clients’ organisations

  • a balanced view between comprehensive internal knowledge of our clients and at the same time maintaining the necessary objective critical distance

  • a high degree of trust within the organisations of our clients

  • specific industry knowledge and contacts

  • A neutral, fair and sensitive approach towards internal and external applicants

  • Many years of experience in the successful recruitment of specialists, managers and senior executives both nationally and internationally

  • Proven competence in the use of various recruitment approaches such as direct search or conventional and web-based advert placement

  • A holistic approach that combines recruitment expertise with business, organisational and management development know-how


  • Development and coordination of the requirement profile for the position to be filled as well as assistance in its critical review, if necessary modification in the course of the recruitment process.

  • If appropriate, specification and coordination of alternative positions, consulting in the planning of the necessary personnel and organisational development measures resulting from the implementation of such an alternative.

  • Specification of the target groups as well as the regional areas and economic sectors to be considered, determination of the relevant search fields and the most sensible approach in consultation with our clients in order to find the best applicant.

  • In the case of direct search, use of existing contacts and resources to establish contact with potential applicants.

  • Using job adverts, recommending appropriate media, designing targeted job adverts, and organising and managing advert placement.

Recommended approach

  • Depending on the specific needs of each client, the advantages of two alternative approaches (direct search and advert placement) can be combined to speed up the recruitment process and gain access to a wider range of potential candidates.

  • Use the heterogeneous background of potential candidates to critically review the requirements profile and offer alternative solutions to ensure the best possible results.

Recruiting process

  • Review of incoming applications as well as organisation and management of all activities related to job applicants.

  • Identify possible candidates and conduct interviews with the aim of shortlisting the most suitable candidates.

  • Motivation and support of suitable candidates with the aim of ensuring and maintaining their interest in working with our clients.

  • Conducting second interviews together with our clients and advising on the assessment and possible selection of the best candidate from the shortlist.

  • Depending on requirements, we conduct further interviews to secure the targeted decision or, if necessary, search again for suitable candidates.

Additional warranty service
In addition to the above-mentioned offer, ANK CONSULTING GROUP will help you to find a new incumbent without charging further consulting costs should the originally hired employee leave the company for reasons of behaviour or performance during the probationary period.

Follow-up support

  • Advice on the drafting of contracts and the planning of the introductory programme.

  • Up to two coaching interviews with the new employee during the first six months of employment as a stabilisation help during the integration process and for the early recognition of possible problems with the aim of being able to take corrective or improvement measures as soon as needed.

  • Pre-Boarding / On-Boarding + Retention


  • Our fee depends on the type of position to be filled and the agreed procedure.

  • Further costs arise only from possible advertising costs as well as travel expenses of applicants and consultants.

Business partnership
Our goal is to develop a trusting and successful business relationship that will last. Guided by clear ethical principles and on the basis of the Business Excellence criteria developed by us, we provide our clients with professional and competent support and help them to achieve their corporate goals at the highest possible level.

On the basis of our extensive and diverse competencies, we see ourselves not only as a “provider of applicants”. We regard the filling of key positions as part of an overall change and development process. In addition to support given during recruitment and during the initial integration process, we offer our clients throughout Germany and abroad professional support in initiating and continuing successful change processes.

Providing Outplacement Support

Providing Outplacement Support
Having a successful carrier means sometimes dealing with outplacement. We provide outplacement support and help to find new opportunities for individuals affected by major change.

Target group

  • Individuals whose jobs have been affected by fundamental change and for whom a new professional orientation is of the highest importance as well as companies wishing to provide support for their employees.


  • After completing the full programme, participants are either employed again or have started a business initiative on a self-employed basis.

  • Highly competent leaders, managers and experts are actively re-integrated into the business and professional world, and so talent is not lost.

  • Participants are not – or no longer – unemployed and a financial burden to the state.

Specific professional outplacement support in the following areas

  • Coaching and mediation in the initial phase.

  • Personal orientation, self-analysis and individual goal setting.

  • Providing ideas in a focused way for either reemployment or self-employment.

  • Planning, preparation, implementation and ongoing support.

Five modules consisting of a combination of prestructured workshops, short presentations and lectures, individual coaching sessions, individual and group assignments. Contact us for individual solutions.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on strengthening personal, interpersonal, intercultural and leadership skills. Additional options are Start-up Coaching, Business Coaching, Business Recovery, Business Development and Business Innovation.

Target group

  • Highly qualified specialists, managers and leaders who want to strengthen their competence spectrum in the business world.

  • Senior executives who want to invest in their own professional and personal development.

  • Companies/organizations that want to support their highly qualified specialists, managers and leaders affected by fundamental change processes.

Programme goals
Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • recognise and understand their own individual leadership style and its impact on people and teams through self-reflection and to develop successful management strategies to achieve their goals

  • continuously strengthen and combine personal, interpersonal, intercultural and special leadership competencies

  • identify their own unique role in the organisation and society

  • design their personal development plan to strengthen their potential in the best possible way

  • make a clear transfer of what has been learnt in day-to-day professional management and leadership life

The coaching contains individually tailored support measures which vary in scope and intensity depending on the respective need. The individual coaching steps can be arranged on a regular basis weekly, monthly or according to specific needs, in order to best meet the client’s individual requirements.

In addition, the opportunity is offered to discover and activate personal abilities and leadership strengths in practical exercises and guided self-reflection according to the principles of experiential learning.

Each participant has his or her own personally assigned coach who is available as an individual sparring partner. A high degree of confidentiality on the basis of fundamental mutual trust is a matter of course.

Personal competencies
The focus is on the development of self-awareness and self-knowledge as well as entrepreneurial thinking. This includes among other things:

  • self-reflection

  • strengths and weaknesses

  • work-life balance

  • portfolio of expertise

  • goal setting

  • self-management

Interpersonal competencies
The focus is on the influence of the individual on people and teams. This includes, for example:

  • social awareness

  • motivation

  • communication

  • Team building

  • conflict management

  • mediation

  • negotiating

Intercultural competencies
The main focus is on intercultural awareness and the requirements of international teamwork. This primarily includes:

  • international relations

  • cultural peculiarities

  • intercultural cooperation

  • organisational integration

  • international assignments

Leadership competencies
Personal, interpersonal and intercultural competencies are adapted to the personal leadership style. This includes:

  • leadership versus management

  • develop visions

  • strategy development

  • business ethics

  • knowledge management


  • Strengthening of professional effectiveness

  • Orientation towards individual and organisational needs

  • Tailor-made consideration of business goals and leadership profiles

  • Opening of positive feedback loops for continuous performance improvement and learning opportunities

  • Promoting an open exchange of ideas in a risk-free environment

  • Opening up special opportunities for experiential learning and guided self-reflection in a professional but relaxed environment

  • Providing advice and support from objective and experienced sparring partners

  • Enabling demand-oriented investment in key personnel of a company

M & A Services – Mergers & Acquisitions

Service Spectrum:

  • Due Diligence

  • Coaching & Development

  • Human Resources

Target Groups
Acquiring Companies
Strategic investors that intend to acquire or merge with a business in order to improve their market situation, to expand core competencies or to have access to additional resources.

Private Equity Companies
Companies looking for investment opportunities and intend to increase the value of businesses or business units in their portfolio of corporate investments. Companies looking for divestment opportunities and intend to adjust their portfolio of corporate investments or aim at realizing profits.

Target Companies
Companies or business units that are about to be bought by an acquiring company or that are looking for new strategic or financial investors.


  • All major areas of the organisation (i.e. people, structures, processes and systems) are aligned and contribute in a coordinated way to the success of the M&A process and therefore to the overall profitability, stability, innovation power and growth of the business.

  • The organisation has sufficient competencies and resources in place to successfully and effectively continue the strengthening and growing of its business.

  • An idea generating, knowledge sharing and learning platform has been established within the organisation, based on a culture of ownership, where seeking innovation opportunities has taken on a momentum of its own.


  • Access to external competences and resources

  • Avoid pitfalls

  • Cost effective competencies & resources that can be switched on and off

  • Objective analysis and assessment

  • Tailor-made solutions

  • Save time

  • Foster sustained success